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2920 : Electric Drum Type Pipe Cleaner: VAL 90

Specially designed for large diameter pipes, 75 to 250 mm.
Effortless movement: loading wheel, tracks for going up and down stairs, ball bearing Ø 25 cm wheels.
Perfect result thanks to the 8 tools supplied and its steel core cable for an optimum resistance/flexibility ratio.

Ø 16 mm (also exists in Ø 19 mm) 30 m long cable (extendible to 60 m) composed of a robust steel wire rolled around a 49-strand thermally treated metal core.
Clutching for automatic cable feed and return with motorised variable speed mechanism to facilitate cable insertion and removal.

Pneumatic pedal to activate the motor and the safety circuit breaker. Open cage drum with distributor tube to avoid knots and see the quantity of cable remaining. Integrated toolkit.

Supplied with:
- 1 pair of gloves.

- 1 cable Ø 16 mm, Lg 30 m ref. 292028.
- 1 84 cm long flexible head to intervene in tight bends, siphons ref. 292015.
- 2 toothed blades to cut and scrape walls in Ø 75 or 100 mm ref. 292027.
- 1 harpoon head to start pipe cleaning and drill through deposits ref. 292011.
- 1 large corkscrew to recover objects ref. 292014.
- 1 toothed blade to cut and scrape walls in Ø 50 mm ref. 292032.
- 1 rotating saw blade for crushing branches and other materials, in Ø 100 mm ref. 292016.
- 1 spiral saw blade for crushing roots, branches and other materials, in Ø 75 mm ref. 292021.

Motor Pipe Ø mm Max. reach m cable Ø mm kg
230V / 0 to 170 rpm - 50Hz / 375 W - Reversible right/left 75 - 150 60,00 16 107,500


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