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2534 : Expansion plier Quick & Easy AUTOROTATION

Simplification and quick operation thanks to the automatic rotation of the head.

Better accessibility in tight spaces when there's no place to turn the pliers.

Reduced effort thanks to the long and rigid forged aluminium handles.

Plier and expansion heads with automatic rotation of the head for Quick & Easy systems (Q&E).

The automatic rotation (patented system) simplifies the work of the user while ensuring a regular expansion of the pipe. No need to manually turn the plier or pipe after each expansion


Capacities Ø 16 to 32 mm*. For pipes and rings in PEX-a or PEX-b according to the specificities of the manufacturers.

Automatic declutching system which preserves the internal mechanism for a longer service life.

Lightweight pliers (made of forged aluminum) only 915 gr. and very high strength profiled handles.

Ergonomic polypropylene grease and solvent resistant handles. 


High quality expansion heads with special anti-oxidation treatment providing efficient protection. 

Conical profile specially designed for Q&E systems. 

6 detachable, self-centring segments.


*Ø 32 mm without autorotation.

Description kg
Expansion set Quick & Easy Autorotation 16-20-25 mm 2,970
Expansion plier Quick and Easy Autorotation only 2,365
Expansion head Quick and Easy Autorotation 16 x 1.8/2.0 mm 0,183
Expansion head Quick and Easy Autorotation 20 x 1.9/2.0 mm 0,201
Expansion head Quick and Easy Autorotation 25 x 2.3 mm 0,221
Expansion head Quick and Easy 32 x 2.9 mm (without autorotation) 0,329
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