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0170 : Extra-Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench


One wrench instead of several, saves weight and space.

For confined spaces:

Thin noses and flush moving jaw when open.

2 additional extra-wide opening versions: 

Classical or with thin jaws for confined locations.

Extra-wide opening, sheathed adjustable wrench, ideal for working on copper and brass in plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, maintenance and heating applications.

With it's wide-opening jaw and torsional strength, it replaces 3 wrenches (6"-8"-10" for ref. 017045/017047, 8"-10"-12" for ref. 017050/017052).
Non-slip sheathed handle for a better grip.

Extra-wide opening adjustable wrench with extra-thin noses (ref. 017047 and 017052) adapted to the thinnest nuts.
Ideal for assembly and disassembly of locknut systems.
Maximum access thanks to nose 50% slimmer than standard wrenches with similar opening, and even thickness over the entire nose length.


Complies with ISO 6787:2001 and ASME B107.100-2010 standards.

Πλακέ A mm Πλακέ A" E mm E1 mm L mm L " kg
34 1.1/4 6 14 175 6 0,210
34 1.1/4 4 14 175 6 0,210
39 1.1/2 6 14 215 8 0,350
39 1.1/2 4 14 215 8 0,350


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