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3600 : Hand gel with microbeads

3600 : Hand gel with microbeads

High performance cleansing gel for the hands, with microbeads, for perfect, rapid cleaning.
Very easy to use, on dry hands and without water. No rinsing required.
Removes greases, lubricants, adhesives, oils, tar, bitumen, paint, ink, waxes, coal, graphite, grass stains and other stubborn stains.
Applications: plumbing, industry, storage, mechanical, DIY, gardening, painting, printing…
Practical non-screw lid.

2205 : Universal wrench for toilet lid

2205 : Universal wrench for toilet lid

Central articulation for easier tightening/loosening.
Small footprint for use in tight spaces.

2628 : Flexible, multi-angle lamp

2628 : Flexible, multi-angle lamp

Innovative: Ultra-thin and flexible body for turning the light in multiple ways.
Functional: bend, fold or wrap the lamp on or around objects to position it.
Powerful: 16 LEDs with high angle of diffusion, up to 200 lumens.

2525 : Mini crimping jaws for M21+

2525 : Mini crimping jaws for M21+

Dedicated to the Viper® M21+ press fitting machine.
Extremely compact and light, allows for crimping in narrow places and between collectors.
Made in tempered steel, resistant to heavy-stress and corrosion.
5 year guarantee (except profile).
View all systems compatible with VIRAX inserts and clamps at the end of the catalogue.

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