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2931 : Electrical Pipe Cleaner: VAL 95

Lightweight and easy to carry:
Using cable sections keeps the workplace tidy and free of unwanted lengths of cable.
Central command lever and quick assembly for cable sections and tools.
35.5 x 30.5 x 58.4 cm.

For pipes from 30 to 100 mm diameter.
Stable base with non-slip pads to work anywhere.
230V single-phase induction motor, manual cable feed and rewind.
Electric rotation for improved blockage removal: Clutch lever for disengaging the rotational motion.
The easily accessible control switch incorporates a reverse control.
The clutch is adjusted to the size of the cable simply by using a screwdriver.
Its tool holder ensures easy availability of the pipe cleaning tools at the workplace.
Supplied with 5 tools.

Cable Motor Pipe Ø mm Max. reach m Tools kg
6 x section of Ø 16 mm L 2.30 m 230 V / 50 Hz / 600 W - Reversible right/left - 0 to 400 rpm 30 - 76 38 with 16 segments Gimlet, Smooth blade Ø. 38 mm, Corkscrew, Arrow blade head 35,700
5 x section of Ø 22 mm L 4.50 m 230 V / 50 Hz / 600 W - Reversible right/left - 0 to 400 rpm 50 - 100 45 with 10 segments Harpoon head, Auger hook, Serrated knife Ø 50 mm, Serrated knife Ø 75 mm, Conical corkscrew 49,450
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