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2932 : Electric High Pressure Pipe Cleaner

Hard-wearing and high performing, for intensive use.
Cleans and unblocks all types of pipe: Ø 50-150 mm.
Rotating nozzle lance: cleaning power doubled.

A professional quality assembly:
- 1400 rpm low speed motor for semi-intensive use: allows it to run continuously for several hours at a time (4 hours) without the risk of overheating.
- Ceramic tie-rod and piston radial pump for greater longevity.
- Automatic shut off function to preserve
the motor and reduce electricity consumption.
- Non-deforming, shock-resistant PE injected hood. Aluminium cradle frame.
- Large diameter moulded hub wheels to cross any obstacle.

High pressure cleaning function:
- Rotating connector gun: anti-twist.
- 2 channel HP/LP lance with pressure adjustment.
- Rotating nozzle lance: cleaning power doubled.
- 2 pro HP hoses (10 m + 15 m) and a safety pedal allow the cleaner to be used in places that are inaccessible to the machine (stairs, confined spaces, etc.).
- 1 large capacity detergent tank (7.5 L).

Pipe cleaning function:

Cleans and unblocks all types of pipe Ø 50-150 mm obstructed by grease or friable materials such as silt, soap, sand and clay.
- 3 retro-jet nozzle: simply guide the hose which moves forward thanks to the pressure.
- 40 m pipe cleaning hose on roller.

Presssure bar Pump flowrate l/min Drilling speeds rpm Motor rating kW Max. reach m Pipe Ø mm kg
150 11 1400 3,2 10 + 15 (HP hose) / 40 (pipe cleaning hose) 50 - 150 60,000


Delivered with

Ø 50-150 mm
Continuous usage time per day: 4h00.

- 1 Rotating connector gun,
- 2 Channel HP/LP lance with pressure adjustment.
- 1 Rotating nozzle lance,
- 2 pro HP hoses (10 m + 15 m),
- 1 safety pedal.
- 1 3 retro-jet nozzle (1/4"),
- 40 m pipe cleaning hose.


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