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5217 : Tip for MAPP® Pro Torch

Broad range of interchangeable tips for the MAPP® Pro torch.

Extra-thin needle-point burner: Soft welding, precise and stable flame.
Extra wide Turbojet® burner: Strong welding, cyclone effect for even and fast heating.
Hot air burner head: Stripping and shrinking work, powerful hot air flow and resists to wind.
Soft flame burner head: Shrinking and heating work (soft welding Ø 22 mm), soft and powerful wind-proof flame.

Description Soft brazing Hard brazing kg
MAPP® extra-thin needle-point burner Ø 10 mm max - 0,090
MAPP® extra-wide Turbojet® burner Ø 50 mm max Ø 18 mm max 0,105
MAPP® hot air burner - - 0,210
MAPP® soft flame burner Ø 22 mm max - 0,120


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