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2941 : Locator for Mini Visioval®

Allows to locate the 16 m cable head of the Mini Visioval®.
Localisation up to 2.45 m deep.
Intuitive search with visual and sound indications of the Mini Visioval®.

Locator ref. 294130 :
Used to find the exact position of the 512 Hz transmitter of the Mini Visioval® 16 m cable head.
Easy and intuitive search with direction display on 3.5" screen of the Mini Visioval® and sound indications.
Two search models:
- A geolocalisation mode to find and move above the probe.
- A depth mode to determine the distance between the probe and the locator.
Also allows to detect the 640 Hz, 33 Khz active, 50/60 Hz passive frequencies.
Telescopic design for easy storage.
Operates only with the Mini Visioval® camera (ref. 294110) associated with the 16 m cable (ref. 294121).
Supplied in a plastic shock-proof case.

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Description kg
Locator 4,500
Complete Mini Visioval® kit + 16 m cable + Locator 16,500
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