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2631 : Tubular Vial Level / Trapezoid Level

Easy vertical levelling: front or side "double view" reading.
High quality: lifetime guarantee, UV protected, one-piece vials (shock resistant).
Optimum 0.5 mm/m accuracy.

Easy front level reading with the "dual view" system and its 45° mirror.
Magnetized surface for easier work on metallic materials.
Optimum 0.5 mm/m accuracy thanks to top range one-piece vials (shock resistant), lifetime guaranteed with inside permanent engraved level line.
The vials are treated against UV radiation to prevent fading by sunlight.

Tubular vial level:
High quality in aluminium profiles with 2 machined sole plates.
Grips with shock-proof coating for protection in case of fall.

Trapezoid level:
High quality trapezoid-shaped in cast aluminium.
Shock absorbing pads allow to adjust the level with a hammer without risk of damaging the product.

Description L mm H mm E mm kg
Tubular vial level 500 60 25 0,530
Trapezoid level 500 46 20 0,440
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