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2532 : Viper® P25+ Battery-Powered Hydraulic Press Fitting Machine

Light: Only 4 kg with the battery.
Quick: very short press fitting cycle (about 5 sec.), with automatic piston return.
Practical: 2 frontal lights to light the part to press.

Handy and effective:
Hydraulic press fitting machine 32 kN, with 360° pivoting head and automatic piston return.
Lightweight and fast cycle guaranteeing effective and easy work for the user in all working conditions.
Anti-slip Soft Touch® ergonomic handle.
Temperature of use between -10° C and +60° C.

Smart with its electronic card:
Crimping cycle end or interruption indicator
Battery charge indicator  
Cycle service indicator at 20 000 cycles with early warning at 19 500.
Automatic machine shutdown to save batteries.

Safety focus:
Crimping clamps locked by a lever at 180° to prevent untimely locking
Press fitting machine locked when battery charge insufficient to make a complete cycle
The user may stop crimping at any time with the emergency stop button

Li-Ion 18V / 3 Ah battery: increased crimping time, resists to cold (down to -10°C), Soft Touch® protection reinforcements, minimum auto-discharge and no memory effect.
Battery platform common with the VIPER® M21+ press fitting machine.
Wired adapter 230V - 18 V (ref. 253508) as an option or according to set reference for continuous mains operation.

Size (with battery): 411 x 249 x 93 mm.

View all systems compatible with VIRAX inserts and clamps at the end of the catalogue.


Description Size mm Crimping force kN kg
Viper® P25+ 18V – 2 Li-Ion batteries 3Ah 590 x 390 x 140 32-34 8,700
Viper® P25+ Mains adaptor 230V 590 x 390 x 140 32-34 7,560
Viper® P25+ 18V – 1 Li-Ion batterie 3Ah 590 x 390 x 140 32-34 8,050


Delivered with

Copper: Ø 12 - 54 mm.
Stainless steel: Ø 12 - 54 mm.
PER/PEX: Ø 12 - 32 mm.
Multilayer: Ø 12 - 110 mm.
Electro-zinc steel (or carbon steel): Ø 12 – 54 mm.

Ref. 253261:
- 2 Li-Ion batteries 18 V - 3 Ah. - 1 fast 85 min. charger. - Without crimping jaws. - In a case.
Ref. 253262:
- 1 mains adapter 230 V - 18 V. - Without crimping laws. - In a case.

Ref. 253263:
- 1 Li-Ion batterie 18 V - 3 Ah. - 1 fast 85 min. charger. - Without crimping jaws. - In a case.


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