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2535 : Viper® M21+ Electro-mechanical Press Fitting Machine

The lightest in its category: only 2.2 kg battery included: weight minimized to improve user comfort.
Secured cycle: electronic control of the crimping cycle with automatic adaptation of the load applied.
Compact: for easier work in all situations.

Electromechanical crimper 20 kN on battery, with automatic piston return.
Operates with 1 mother clamp and inserts adaptable to the diameters and profiles required: more economical, lighter to carry and less cumbersome than crimping pliers.
Inserts in offset version for certain profiles, allowing crimping as close as possible to an obstacle (e.g. along a wall).

Designed for user comfort:
Ergonomic use: Soft Touch® anti-slip grip, highly compact 360° pivoting head (only 29 cm long with mother clamps).
Minimized weight (only 2.2 kg with battery / 3.3 kg with mother clamps) and fast cycle to guarantee effective work.
Centre of gravity placed ideally, allowing to place it on its foot between two crimping operations, and improve user comfort.

Smart for increased safety:
Electronic card control of proper crimping performance with light and sound indicators.
Calculation of the exact force to apply according to the coupling: extended lifetime.
Secured mother clamp locking.
Crimping starts only when the battery is charged sufficiently.
The user can stop crimping at any time by releasing pressure on the trigger.
Automatic machine shutdown to save batteries.

Battery charge indicator.
Maintenance indicator at 20 000 cycles with early warning at 19 000 and 19 500.
The machine connects to a PC to check the number of crimping operations performed and anticipate servicing.

New Li-Ion 18 V battery: Resists to cold (down to -10°C), Soft Touch® protection reinforcements, minimum auto-discharge and no memory effect.

Size (with battery): 340 x 240 x 85 mm.

View all systems compatible with VIRAX inserts and clamps at the end of the catalogue.

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Description Size mm Crimping force kN kg
Viper® M21+ 18 V - 1,5 Ah Li-Ion 670 x 430 x 165 20 6,100


Delivered with

Copper: Ø 12 – 28 mm.
Stainless steel: Ø 12 – 28 mm.
PER, PEX: Ø 12 – 32 mm.
Multilayer: Ø 12 – 32 mm.
Electro-zinc steel (or carbon steel): Ø 12 – 28 mm.

- 2 Li-Ion batteries 18 V – 1.5 Ah, 1 fast charger.
- 1 mother clamp.
- Supplied in a case without insert.


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