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0112: Plier Wrench 10'' - 250mm

Compact and economical: substitutes for a complete set of open end wrenches up to 45 mm.

Designed for plumbers: smooth and parallel jaws for a perfect contact and maximum tightening.

Versatile use: for tightening and loosening all types of bolts and nuts, holding, bending, clamping, forming, etc.

Fast adjustment and flat jaw screwing and tightening tool, a perfect combination of slip-joint pliers and adjustable wrench.

Smooth and perfectly parallel jaws ensuring tight fit when tightening without damage to nuts in soft materials (brass, plastic) and preserving chrome-plated and fragile coatings.

Versatile tightening for multiple applications in plumbing, maintenance, mechanical engineering, industry, for tightening/loosening all types of bolts and nuts, holding, bending, clamping, forming, etc.


Instant opening by secured locking push-button of the adjusted position by quadruple rack.

Ratchet-like operation for fast screwing / unscrewing.

Graded with position cursor for easy pre-adjustment and slide rule type of use providing accurate measurement up to 40 mm.

Anti-slip handles for improved grip.

Comfort of use thanks to its light weight, 510 grammes only, and high demultiplication for powerful application.

High quality heavy duty clamp wrench in 100% hot forged chrome Vanadium.

A mm L mm P mm E mm E1 mm Sheathed grips kg
45 268 35 8 14 oui 0,495
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