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About Us

1920: Virax was formed with the famous "Virax threader", the threader that "Turns around the Axis"
1953: Virax is present in over 42 countries
1964: Epernay (Marne department) was chosen as the site of the Virax plant
1985: Virax creates its new Welding / Brazing / Roofing range
1997: Virax obtains ISO 9001 Certification
2004: Visioval inspection camera launched
2006: M20+ crimper launched
2008: Virax established in the USA and China
2009: ISO 14001 Environment Certification
2011: Over 20 new products launched and
90+ years innovation at the service of users!   
2012: Virax continues supporting young people in their plumbing/roofing training, through a partnership with WorldSkills and by taking part in the 43rd WorldSkills in Clermont-Ferrand
2013: 1 year only after its launch, the new ELITE VIRAX end-users loyalty club has already 2,000 members, who can benefit from exclusive advantages on the website: gift cards, extended guarantee, job “news”, quizzes, exclusive discounts…
2014: Virax has innovated by launching its first Smartphone application! The launch of the Mini Visioval camera has inaugurated the first Virax Smartphone and tablet (iOS) application: it allows you to recover the camera's image on the Smartphone screen, and send it by SMS or email with comments.
2015: 2nd Smartphone application, M20+ renewed with the new compact, lightweight, smart and connected M21+ press fitting tool, proximity with Virax product followers via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter… Virax is omnipresent in response to progress in technology and communication.
2016: Plant reimplantation phase 1: Launch of the optimisation of industrial flows in our Epernay plant, within the VIRAX 2020 program. Double certification to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in 2015 version.         

2017: New crimping machine ML21+ and compact jaws to meet all end-users needs. Plant reimplantation phase 2 with new production equipment.                                                                                                             

2018: Crimping range reinforcement with the new crimping machine VIPER I26.                                         

2019: VIRALEASE funding offer launch, a new leasing service dedicated to France for crimping machines by VIRAX with a purchase option. And also the conclusion of an agreement with a new sponsor


2020: VIRAX celebrates its 100th anniversary!


Virax manufactures and sells tooling and equipment designed for professional users in:
 . Plumbing,
 . Heating,
 . Roofing,
 . and Maintenance.

Virax markets its products through professional distributors who meet the needs of professional users. Virax's core clients are heating / plumbing professionals (about 44,000 in France in 2013-Source INSEE).

 160 staff
 Nr.1 in France in its market
 Nr.4 in Europe
 2,500 references sold
 10,000+ references in production
 70%+ products manufactured in Epernay.

 Close to your needs
 Responsive manufacturer
 100% available
 Socially Responsible Manufacturer (ISO 9001 & 14001, OHSAS 18001)
 Reliable products
 R&D team based in France
 Permanent search for improvement
 Over 100 years of innovation.

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