New : aluminium bending plier with knee protection

New : aluminium bending plier with knee protection

No more pain while bending !

Get to know the brand new aluminium bending pliers with knee protection in video : CLICK HERE 

Comfortable: the soft plastic protective pad provides maximum comfort for the knee while bending.
Practical: double marks to see bending angle and do a quick measure of the pipe length.
Durable: the independent roller in zamac avoids rapid wear of the arm and doesn’t hurt pipe.


Suitable for many applications: bending of sanitary or heating pipe, gas supply pipe. 

Bended material: copper pipe and multilayer pipe.
A curve allows to put knee. The soft plastic pad is fixed into the curve to provide maximum comfort.
Bending with low effort with the long arms and ergonomic handles.
To reduce pain while repeated bending, lock the bending plier in a bench vice thanks to the two flat surfaces.
Save weight in toolbox with the body in lightweight alloy - aluminium.
Marks on former to see bending angle (45°, 90°, 135°, 180°).
Marks on fix arm for a quick measure of the pipe.

For hardened and annealed copper pipes: Ø 12 to 16 mm / wall thickness: 1 to 1.2 mm.
Bending radius: approx. 3.85 D.
180° bending angle.

Each bending plier is delivered with one protective pad for knee. Pad is also available by unit in spare part (ref. 251405).