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2940 - 2941 : Accessories for Mini Visioval® and Visioval®

Guide ball:

(ref. 294112) allows for centring of the camera Mini Visioval® cable (ref. 294121) in pipes of section Ø 70 mm to Ø 100 mm.


Centre guide:

(ref. 294021) for pipe diameters 70 mm (min) to 150 mm (max). For centring the camera in larger diameter pipes.


24 spare brushes:

(ref. 294022) for creating 4 sets of 6 brushes, by cutting them to the most frequently inspected diameters and changing them on the centre guide 294021 (min. 70 mm, max. 150 mm).


Extension for centre guide:

(ref. 294033) composed of a 7 cm tube and a 2nd 150 mm centre guide with brushes. Enables the head to be stabilised and improved guidance in pipes with diameters of over 120 mm. *Only works in conjunction with camera heads Ø26 mm and with the centre guide ref. 294021.


Guide ring with protection:

(ref. 294031) enables the 26 mm Ø head to be protected from impact and acts as a centre guide 50 mm Ø.


7" screen solar protection:

(ref. 294034) reduces glare on the VISIOVAL's 7" monitor. For optimum visibility event outdoors.


Protection cage:

(ref. 294041) protects the plastic dome of the 40 mm Ø head against shock and scratches.


Centring device with rollers:

(ref. 294042) improved 40 mm Ø centring and guiding for inspections in 100-150 mm Ø.


Kit of 10 plastic domes:

(ref. 294043) allows replacing the plastic dome of the 40 mm Ø head when scratched or damaged.

Description Mini Visioval® Visioval® kg
Guide ball for 16m cable Mini Visioval® ok - 0,090
Ø 150 mm 6" centre guide - ok 0,120
24 Spare brushes for 294021 - ok 0,050
Elbow guide - ok 0,020
Battery for Visioval® - ok 0,550
Weights for chimney - ok 0,720
Guide ring with protection - ok 0,020
Extension for centre guide * - ok 0,150
Protection cage - ok 0,100
Protection solaire d’écran 7" - ok 0,100
Centering device with rollers - ok 0,075
Kit of 10 plastic domes - ok 0,150
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