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2620 : Manual Test Pump

EA85 anti-limestone patent: to avoid blockages caused by over-hard water.
Easy to use
: for pumping, testing and bleeding with a single button.
Small size for the tightest of locations.

3 pump models for your seal tests (for leak testing on water installations- plumbing, individual central heating, etc.).
Virax EA85 anti-limestone patented system: Prevents blockages due to hard water, or other deposits, on the ball in the piston (50 bar models only).
Plastic tank: light and shock resistant (max.: 4.3 kg).
Accurate result with a 1.6 class manometer. Easier reading with 1 bar grading.
High pressure hydraulic hose (1.5 m). Practical implementation.
Nylon strainer (filter) on intake to block particles exceeding 0.1 mm diameter to protect the pump mechanism and the customer’s installation against dirt.
Soft Touch® ergonomic lever for working comfortably.
Easy to carry thanks to a lever locking mechanism.
Fluids accepted: water, Glycol (requires rinsing after use), oil (requires rinsing after use).

Description Presssure bar Coupling " Tank capacity L kg
Manual test pump 50 1/2 - 3/8 5 4,200
High volume test pump 50 1/2 - 3/8 10 4,100
High pressure test pump 100 1/2 - 3/8 10 4,290
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