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2942: Micro Visioval® 5-in-1 camera

5-in-1 tool: Inspection Camera, Laser Telemeter, Infrared Thermometer, Torch, Laser Pointer.

Easy information reading on the large 4.3" colour screen.

Underwater and piping inspection with its watertight camera head (IP67).

Inspection micro-camera:

Inspect, check and search in confined areas, piping, sight holes, partitions, underwater and in the dark with Ø 8 mm watertight camera (IP67) fitted with 6 white LEDs.

Record up to 100 photos directly in the built-in flash memory.

Easy manual pushing thanks to axial stiffness of the 105 cm flexible and easy passage in elbows with its minimum radius of curvature of 30mm.

Excellent handling with its shock-proof Soft Touch reinforced casing and folds to store and protect the flexible.

X 4 screen zoom, comparative image (divides the screen into 2 images: frozen and live), photo viewing and deletion, PC transfer.


Laser telemeter

For fast measurement in the worksite.

Class 2 laser, range up to 20 metres. Displays the last 3 measurements on screen.


Infrared thermometer

Check the temperature of clogged heating installations and radiators, conditions before/after maintenance work.

Temperature range from -20° C to + 350° C. Last 4 measurements displayed on screen.


Torch, always handy to inspect under bath tubs, crawl spaces.

Laser pointer to identify and point what cannot be reached physically.


Power supply: 4 LR6 1.5 V batteries (supplied).

Description kg
Micro Visioval® 5-in-1 camera 0,990
Set of 4 accessories for Micro Visioval® 0,005

Delivered with

Metallic box and fabric storage pouch.

4 camera head tips: magnetic tip to recover small metal parts, single and double hooks to recover objects, mirror for inspection in angles.

4 LR6 1.5 V batteries (AA).

Internal flash memory.

USB - Micro USB transfer cable.

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