2950 : Descaling Pump

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Faster and more effective action thanks to its electric manual flow reverser to remove deposits in the 2 directions.
Easy draining with its lower handle moulded in the tank

Translucent, anti-impact plastic tank to view the fluid level...
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SKU : 295000G

Translucent, anti-impact plastic tank to view the fluid level.
Balanced and powerful motor (150 W) for a 33 l/min flow rate and an elevation height up to 12 metres.
IP54 protected motor for maximum lifetime.
Robust and practical transport handle.
Specific funnel screwed instead of the stopper for easy filling.
Max usage temperature: 50°C.

Virax additives must be added to optimise the action of the sludge removal pump and descaling pump. These additives are specific to the cleaning to be carried out. Their objective is to re-establish the ideal circulation in the installation for better effectiveness.

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Descaling pump







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Choose the descaling fluid to use according to the material of the boiler heating element:
- Steel and copper: descaling fluid ref. 295010 to associate with a neutralizer 295015 to preserve the boiler, descaling pump, and environment.
- All materials including aluminium: multi-material descaling fluid ref. 295011 and 295012 not requiring any neutralisation phase.

Supplied with

Two 2 m long transparent pipes and 1 set of 8 connectors included to adapt to all configurations.

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