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2116 : Corrugated Conduit Cutter Ø 45 mm

Cuts corrugated conduits without damaging the pipe inside the sheath, and without risk for the user.
No risk of injury, as blades are in the middle of guides.
Ensures a straight, clean cut.
Very compact cutter
, for use in confined spaces.

Cuts PE protective pipe sheaths and most electric cable sheaths up to Ø 45 mm.
Cuts the corugation at the top of the grove leaving the pipe inside the sheath intact and free from scratches.
Ultra-resistant body and blade guides.
Very strong, removable, interchangeable stainless steel blades.
2 models / 2 colours to suit all available corrugated conduits on the market.
Cut quickly. 1/2 turn is enough.

For corrugations L mm H mm kg
At 2,7 mm centres 85 53 0,290
At 4 mm centres 85 53 0,290


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