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2209 : Hole Saw Set

Virax bi-metal hole saws, with their varying tooth height and gullet size guarantee:
A fast, regular cut.
Low vibration during cutting.
Easy removal of the blank.
Increased durability.
Low pressing force.

For drilling holes in gas pipes to form T-flanges or in partitions made of wood, plasterboard or similar materials for the passage of mild steel, semi-hard steel, stainless steel, lightweight alloy or plastic pipes.

Description Ø mm Supplied with kg
Complete kit - 12-piece hole saw set 16-19-22-25-29-32-35-38-44-51-64-76 2 arbors with Ø 6 mm.pilot drill, 3 spare pilot drills 1,910
Plumbers and electricians kit - 9-piece hole saw set 19-22-29-35-38-44-51-57-64 2 arbors with Ø 6 mm pilot drill, 1 adaptor, 1 spare pilot drill 1,590
Basic kit - 5-piece hole saw set 22-25-29-32-39 1 arbor with Ø 6 mm pilot drill, 1 adaptor 0,590


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