2901 : Pipe Cleaner Gun

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up to 6 bars for pipes up to Ø 100 mm.

98% of energy is directed forward to free blocked pipes.
only 2% of released energy acts on the pipe walls.

Ideal for blockages far away from the siphon...
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Ideal for blockages far away from the siphon.
This cleaner uses the kinetic energy stored in the cylindrical body (max. 6 bar) to remove blockages formed by grease, soap, wash water, hair, paper, cloth, etc.
For cleaning domestic drainage pipes of max. internal Ø 100mm (sinks, wash hand basins, urinals, bath-thubs, etc.), as well as toilet if fitted with the optional extension (290151).
Integrated manometer to measure the pressure to be applied.
Supplied in a case.

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