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2940 : Colour Digital Inspection Camera Visioval®

30 m hose with distance indication.
Head Ø 40 mm orientable for a maximum number of applications (ref. 294040).
Built-in recording function.

Colour CCD camera head.
Sensitivity of 0.5 lux precise image in dark locations.
Wide viewing angle, 120°.
12 LEDs protected from shock and dirt.
Sealing 3 bar/IP67 (294030) - 1 bar/IP65 (294040).
Head Ø 26 mm fixed for inspections of inner Ø 40 to 150 mm (294030).
Head Ø 40 mm orientable for inspections of inner Ø 50 to 200 mm: the head tilts by 180° and turns at 360° ! (294040).
7" colour screen (18 cm):
The screen can either be fixed inside the case and adjusted to suit the viewing position, or it can be removed from the case and held in the hand thanks to its 1.8 m long cable. The brightness and contract can be adjusted.
Power supply / Battery life:
Either on batteries (2 Ni-MH batteries supplied) or on mains power (adaptor supplied).
The battery’s autonomy is indicated on the screen.
(294030 only).
Video recording:
- RCA output: connection for video recorder, digital recorder, video converter, etc.
- Built-in recorder: to record up to 2 hrs’ inspection directly from the Visioval®. Record / Play / Pause / Delete functions. USB port to recover videos to PC from the SD card.

Video Virax

Description Camera head For pipes internal Ø mm Built-in record function Distance indication Autonomy (by battery) kg
Visioval® + Fixed 40 - 150 Yes On screen 2.00 hrs 8,200
Visioval® 360 Orientable 50 - 200 Oui On screen 1.50 hrs 10,000


Delivered with


Ref. 294030: For 40 to 150 mm internal diameter pipes. Can negotiate 90° bends in 50 mm internal diameter pipes.
Ref. 294040: For 50 to 200 mm internal diameter pipes. Can negotiate 90° bends in 80 mm internal diameter pipes.

- Elbow guide:  for more easily negotiating 90° bends (ref. 294030).
- Guide ring: for improved camera support in 50 – 70 mm diameter pipes (ref. 294030).
- 2 batteries: 12 V, 2.6 Ah, Ni-MH.
- Anti-slip mat: avoids the case slipping on tiled floors.
- Guide ring with protection: provides better support for inspections in Ø 50 – 70 mm and protects the lens against scratches (ref. 294030).
- 2 GB SD card.
- 1 USB mini-cable.
- Centring device with rollers: improved head centring and guiding for inspections in Ø 100-150 mm (ref. 294040).

A range of accessories is available for use with the camera for increased efficiency and ease of use: 150 mm centre guide, a chimney inspection weight, etc.


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