2940 : Colour digital inspection camera Visioval® VX

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Camera heads with transmitter for localisation.

30 m hose with distance indication.

Detachable and interchangeable camera heads (Switch version).

Portable video inspection system with localisable camera heads in a plastic case with double reinforced walls...
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Portable video inspection system with localisable camera heads in a plastic case with double reinforced walls. Vertical or horizontal inspections of piping with an inner diameter of 40 mm, exhaust pipes, ventilation ducts, flue linings, false ceilings, industrial installations, miscellaneous cavities, etc.



Visioval® VX-26 and VX-40 with non-interchangeable camera heads.

Visioval® VX-SWITCH with interchangeable camera heads for complete inspection amplitude.


Colour CCD camera.

With built-in 8.9 kHz transmitter, for exact localisation of the head in the piping (requires localizer Ref. 294054).

Head Ø 26 mm watertight 3bar/IP68 for inspections of inner Ø 40 à 125 mm.

Head Ø 40 mm watertight 1bar/IP67 turns 360° and tilts 180° for inspections of inner int. 50 to 200 mm.

Digital display of head position (precision 4 cm) and tilting on screen.

'Home' function to recenter the camera head in the straight position (on Ø 40 mm head only).

Wide 115° viewing angle and 0.5 lux sensitivity: precise image event in dark areas.

12 LEDs protected from shock and dirt, with adjustable lighting level.


7" TFT colour screen (18 cm):

Light and excellent quality images thanks to the 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

The screen can either be fixed inside the case or held in the hand thanks to its 2 m long cable.

The brightness and contrast can be adjusted.

Solar protection option (Ref. 294034) to reduce glare when working outdoors.


Power supply / Battery life.

Runs on mains or battery supply (supplied with 2 batteries).

Battery level indicated on screen, up to 2 hours per battery.

Battery charge level indicator.


Photo / video recording:

Photo and video recording on 2 GB SD card (supplied), up to 2 hours video.

Play Fast forward and rewind / Pause / Delete Functions from Visioval®.

Mini USB port to transfer photos or videos onto PC.


Visioval® VX locator: Fast and accurate localisation of the Visioval® VX Ø 26 mm and Ø 40 mm camera head by radiofrequency (8.9 kHz) in the damaged or clogged zone down to a depth of 3 metres underground.

Intuitive search with direction display on colour screen and sound indications.

Telescopic design for easy work.

Li-Ion 3.7V battery.

Grouped product items
Sku Description Type head camera Detachable camera head Locator kg

Visioval® VX-26 Caméra

Ø 26 mm





Visioval® VX-40 Caméra

Ø 40 mm orientable





Visioval® VX-SWITCH Caméra

Ø 40 mm orientable





Visioval® VX-SWITCH + Locator + Ø26 Head

Ø 26 mm et Ø 40 mm orientable


Delivered with



Detachable camera head Ø26mm VX-SWITCH

Ø 26 mm





Detachable camera head Ø40mm VX-SWITCH

Ø 40 mm orientable





Visioval® VX Locator





More Information

Camera head Ø 26 mm: for pipes inner Ø 40 to 125 mm. Passage of 90° elbows in inner Ø 50 mm.

Camera head Ø 40 mm: for pipes inner Ø 50 to 200 mm. Passage of 90° elbows in inner Ø 80 mm.


Different accessories complete the use of the camera to make it more effective and handy: elbow head, guide ring, roller centring piece, weight for chimney inspection, etc.

Supplied with

Visioval® VX camera:

- 2 batteries: 12 V, 2.6 Ah, Ni-MH.

- Mains power supply

- Anti-slip mat: avoids the case slipping on tiled floors.

- 2 GB SD card.

- USB cable.

- 5 Plexiglas cups (VX-40 / VX-SWITCH)

Visioval® VX locator:

- 1 headphone set with sound signal adjustment.

- 1 charger with micro USB cable

- 12 pencils

- 1 telescopic rod

- 1 case

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